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Enjoying Life as God Intends

Alpha Course

What is the meaning of Life?

The Alpha Course comprises of 8-evening sessions exploring the meaning of life from a Christian perspective.

Alpha is run all around the globe, over 23 million people have done the Course.  Everyone is welcome! Regardless of whether you are a non-Christian, a new believer, or a long-time Church attendee, you’ll find this course beneficial.

We run Alpha several times a year and it always involves some key elements: food, a talk and good conversation. You’re free to listen, learn, discuss, discover and ask anything. Through the Alpha Course, you can explore some fundamental questions about what it means to be a Christian, and raise and discuss difficult questions in a non-threatening environment.

The Course begins with the Introduction Dinner on Tuesday 24 October running for 8 weeks until Tuesday 12th December from 7pm-9pm in the Church Cafe

There is no cost to attend. But RSVP is essential for catering purposes.
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