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Subi Church Serving The Church in PNG

We rejoice in having the opportunity to build up the church in Papua New Guinea by partnering with Overseas Council Australia (OCA) and the Christian Leaders Training College (CLTC).

CLTC is the leading evangelical Bible college in Papua New Guinea. They have worked for many years to help lift the competence of the wives of the future pastors of the country. The especially developed course ‘Certificate in Bible and Ministry’ aims to build the confidence and competence of the women. The goal is to equip them to be leaders in their community with an understanding of the bible, and leadership. The course also includes unique topics such as health issues in a village context so the women can help lift the whole family’s life experience.

In order to update the course and better equip the women, a new computer room will be added to the existing classrooms in the Women’s centre. Currently they have occasional use of the college computer lab, but a dedicated room will suit their needs better and help the educational outcomes of the forty women involved in the program.

The project will involve extending the existing building to make a new classroom and fitting it out with computers and peripherals. Much of the work will be done by existing building staff at CLTC so costs will be kept low. The OCA IT consultants will oversee the computer acquisition and installation, working with the CLTC IT team. The total cost will be AUD 70,000.

We invite members of Subi Church to contribute to this building facilities.

Donations can be made by Credit Card. Visit the website for secure online payment. Specific project code: CLTC Women’s Computing.