Subi: Sat 5pm, Sun 9am, Sun 10.45am     Freo: Sun 10am
Enjoying Life as God Intends


SubiKids is a super-fun place for kids, infants through grade 6, where we get to share the most important message ever told: the story of Jesus. We strive to create an energetic and exciting environment for learning about the God, His Word and His Son. We provide a variety of ways in which children can join in the fun:

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SubiKids Church: During our service times on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings, our kids get a close look at the Word of God with their peers. Our classes are specifically designed for children to help them worship God, hide His Word in their heart and have a blast doing it.


AwanaAwanaLogoRemix: This is a new program coming in July! This program teaches the Bible through a series of age-appropriate handbooks and achievement awards that allow children to progress at their own speed with encouragement and help from their leaders! Club will meet on Tuesday nights during school terms with Scripture memory, fellowship and games.


Holiday Kids Club: During the winter break we also have our imaginative holiday program that runs the first week of break in the mornings.  Kids experience Bible stories in powerful, life-changing ways that kids of all ages will enjoy…and remember!


In all of our programs, through age-appropriate teaching and hands on experiences, our kids get to learn about Jesus in a way that they will never forget.  Please join us!