Subi: Sat 5pm, Sun 9am, Sun 10.45am     Freo: Sun 10am
Enjoying Life as God Intends

Subi Youth

At Subi Youth we believe we’re better together. Life as a high-schooler isn’t always easy – we’re all trying to figure out who we are & who God is – so why not do it together & have a lot of fun along the way?

We meet every Friday night during the school term, usually from 7-9pm. These nights come in different shapes & sizes. Sometimes we’re discovering God as a whole group, other times we’re hanging out in our Life Groups. Some nights are fully devoted to fun & games and other times we’re learning how to be world-changers.

All our leaders are committed to showing you the same love that Jesus showed us. We are here to chat with you, laugh with you & pray for you but fair warning: we will not hold back in a game of dodge ball.

The last term of this year we also invite Year 6’s in to join us. Something awesome happens when a bunch of young people come together to discover God and deepen relationships. So come along & get connected!

For more information on the ministry or what’s coming up, contact Jacqui Burgess.

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