Subi: Sat 5pm, Sun 9am, Sun 10.45am     Freo: Sun 10am
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Subi Koinonia

Subi Koinonia is a young professionals ministry. It is targeted at those roughly between the ages of 25-35 who have started working after finishing their undergraduate degree/s and/or other professional training (but if you don’t exactly fit, we still welcome you!).
We want to CONNECT through building community, TRANSFORM by growing disciples, and IMPACT by serving the community.
If you would like any more info about Subi Koinonia, please email us at, and keep an eye out here for information and events coming your way!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Koinonia look like?
Koinonia ministry events will all be scheduled and announced in advanced. We intend to publish a calendar-of-events every 3-4 months so that you will know what is happening. Our events are aimed at addressing the core values of the ministry: building community, transforming disciples, and impacting the community. Hence, each event may vary in the emphasis of the event’s purpose (i.e. a social gathering may emphasize the value of “building community” while a teaching event will emphasize the value of “transforming disciples”), but we believe each event will contribute towards at least two of the three core values.

I am working part time but not studying in Uni, can I attend Koinonia?

I am no longer in uni but currently unemployed, can I attend Koinonia?
Most definitely!

I am married and my spouse and I are young professional workers, can we attend Koinonia?
We enjoy young married couples. So yes! You are most welcome to join us!

I am a 40-year-old working professional, can I attend Koinonia?
Unfortunately, no. The intent of a loosely defined age rage is to ensure a group dynamic of young adult professionals. Those who are approximately 40 years or older have other groups in the church that are more suitable.

I am a part-time uni student and part-time professional worker. Which group should I attend?

Options! Choices! It’s really up to you, but we recommend you consider the loosely defined age-range for each group.