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2019 Advent Devotional

Greetings in the name of our Lord!

The Advent season is upon us! Time has flown throughout the year, and Christmas is almost upon us. It is always a joy to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ together as God’s people! It can be very easy for Christians to be caught up with the festivities of this season without deep reflection upon the true meaning of Christmas – God’s love for us shown in Jesus Christ.

I have prepared this Advent devotional to help you reflect upon God’s goodness and mercy towards us during this Christmas season. Debbie Yong and Linda Lee (our interns) have also contributed a number of articles for this devotional. I am thankful for their contribution and sharing their thoughts and meditations upon Scripture.

This is a daily devotional that is intended to begin on the 1st of December, going all the way to Christmas day. Each day as a set reading of Scripture with an option of extra readings on some days. Please meditate on these readings that have been selected for each day and seek God through your prayers. While our reflections may be helpful, Scripture should and must always be your priority. God has graciously given us his words and preserved it for us throughout the centuries. Some articles have been taken from last year’s devotional so there might be some familiarity for those who went through it last year.

This devotional is arranged a bit differently from most Advent devotionals. The intention of this devotional is to help you see the overarching plan of God from the start of history to the end of time. It’ll start in Genesis, and end with the book of Revelation with the intention of showcasing how this baby Jesus in Christmas is the centrepiece of God’s plan. I pray that it’ll be an illuminating, encouraging, and ultimately God-glorifying experience for you as you go through the storyline of the Bible.

Let us celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ together as God’s family and marvel at the grace that he has shown us in Jesus Christ. If you’d like to receive this devotional in your email, please click on this link and fill up the form: 2019 Subi Advent Devotional.

There’ll be a new devotional each day on our church website as well.

To God be the glory,

Chin Wee Ang