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Posts from June 2020


SubiKIDS Online: 27-28 June 2020

The Church Showed Favouritism James 2:1-13 When believers in the early church treated some people as better than others, James told them they were wrong. He reminded them that Jesus commanded believers to love one another. Because He has shown great mercy to us, we can show mercy to others. This week’s session is a great […]


Subi Together Update No. 7

This Weekend You’re invited to join us this Sunday, 28 June at either the 9am & 10.45am physical worship service. No registration is necessary. These services will be 1-hour long, there will be no physical contact and we will be maintaining social distancing. As an act of love for each other, we will also be […]


SubiKIDS Online: 20-21 June 2020

The Church Was Divided 1 Corinthians 1:10-31 Paul told believers in the Corinthian church to come together because of the gospel of Jesus. He reminded them that Jesus saves sinners. Because of Jesus and what He has done, believers can humbly come together as one body. Sin and selfishness divide, but Jesus and the gospel […]


SubiKIDS Online: 13-14 June 2020

Paul Confronted Peter Galatians 2:11-21 Peter was wrong to separate himself from the Gentiles. The gospel is for everyone, and we should show love to everyone. Paul reminded Peter that only Jesus can save people from sin. God accepts people who have faith in Jesus, not people who try to earn salvation on their own. […]


SubiKIDS Online: 6-7 June 2020

Paul’s Third Journey Acts 18:1-4, 24-28; 20:17-38 As Paul traveled on his third missionary journey, he used every opportunity to tell people the good news about Jesus and to help the church. Paul was dedicated to Jesus, who called him to do the work of sharing the gospel. Family Discussion Points:  How do people hear […]