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Here you’ll find resources that will help assist you in sharing the gospel with your kids.


Subi Kids Online: 3-4 July 2021

  Lydia, the jailer, and many others were saved because they heard the gospel and believed in Jesus. Paul and Silas preached the same message to all people, no matter who they were: “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.” FAMILY STARTING POINTS ● Preschool ○Paul and Silas told many people about Jesus.. […]


Subi Kids Online: 24-25 Apr 2021

After Jesus returned to heaven, the Holy Spirit gave the disciples power to begin working. With the power of Jesus’ name, Peter healed a man who was lame. Not even the religious leaders could stop Jesus’ followers from sharing the good news about Jesus. FAMILY STARTING POINTS ● Preschool ○ Peter healed the man who […]


SubiKIDS Online: 19-20 Dec 2020

Wise Men Visited Jesus Matthew 2 The wise men came to worship Jesus as King, Jesus is the King who will rule forever, as God promised to King David in 2 Samuel 7. Family Discussion Points:  How did the wise men know about Jesus’ birth? (see Matt 2:1-2) How did the wise men show their […]


SubiKIDS Online: 5-6 Dec 2020

Angels Spoke to Mary and Joseph Matthew 1; Luke 1 The angel Gabriel’s announcement to Mary surprised her. By His grace, God chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus. The angel’s message revealed much about this promised child. Family Discussion Points:  How do you think Mary and Joseph felt about their role in God’s […]


SubiKIDS Online: 28-29 Nov 2020

Prophet’s Told of Jesus’ Birth Isaiah 7; 9;11; Micah 5 God’s plan to rescue people from sin was not a secret plan. The prophets Isaiah and Micah spoke specifically of the Messiah’s birth. God gave His people hope: A Saviour is coming. Jesus reconciles to God those who trust in Him. Family Discussion Points:  Why […]


SubiKIDS Online: 21-22 Nov 2020

Jesus Will Return Revelation 21-22 Some people thought the believers were foolish for thinking Jesus is coming again. Peter explained that God is patient, and He wants everyone to trust in Jesus. At just the right time, Jesus will come again, and we look forward to the day when He creates the new heavens and […]


SubiKIDS Online: 14-15 Nov 2020

Jesus on the Throne Revelation 4:2-5:14 John cried when he saw that no one was worthy to open the scroll. Then John saw the resurrected Lamb—God’s Son, Jesus. Jesus was killed on the cross so that we could have forgiveness and eternal life. Jesus is worthy. He deserves all praise, honor, and blessing. Family Discussion […]


SubiKIDS Online: 7-8 Nov 2020

God’s Warning to Seven Churches Revelation 2-3 Jesus loves the church. His message to seven local churches called them to turn away from their sin and remain faithful to Him. We can learn from those churches. Through the church, Jesus helps believers work together to do God’s plan. Family Discussion Points:  What will happen when […]


SubiKIDS Online: 31 Oct – 1 Nov 2020

Jesus Will Return Revelation 1:9-20 Jesus showed Himself to John and explained that He is the First and the Last, the Living One. While Jesus was on earth, He defeated sin and death by dying on the cross and coming back to life. Now Jesus is lifted up in glory and honor forever and ever. […]