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COVID India Ministry Appeal

Subi Church is partnering with Global Mission Partners (GMP), Australian Churches of Christ’s missions arm, to support families in India by providing much-needed supplies. We hope to support 278 families connected to Churches of Christ in Western India who have lost their means of income due to COVID. Proceeds will go towards providing families with groceries, hand sanitiser and face masks.

GMP partners with families in the state of Maharashtra, one of the worst affected regions. Many are day labourers, living on what they earn that day. There is a huge impact on this highly casualised work force when employment has disappeared due to the rapid impact of COVID in the community.

Robert Gaikwad, Secretary of the Conference of Churches of Christ in Western India, reports that 124 households connected to the churches are currently impacted by COVID, and a number of households have experienced deaths. GMP is sending through an initial allocation of $14,000 to support 278 families in the region who have lost their means of gaining an income, providing them with a month’s supply of groceries along with hand sanitisers and masks, and encourages us to partner with them for this ministry appeal.

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