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Enjoying Life as God Intends
Feature-Eddie Woo

Life @ Work Conference by City Bible Forum

Subi Church hosts the annual Life@Work conference to help you discover the power of an attractive life in the workplace.

Historians say the key ingredient to the explosive growth of the church after Jesus’ death and resurrection was the distinctive lives of believers. “The beautiful life” they lived bore a powerful and attractive witness to the difference the Christian faith makes for good.

How might this re-shape the spread of the Gospel in our day, especially in our workplaces? What might “living such good lives” among our colleagues look like? How do we not only declare the Gospel with our lips, but also display it with our lives.

The main speakers are Eddie Woo (Australian Local Hero of the Year, and well know for Mr WooTube) and Andrew Laird (Director Life@Work, Author of Under Pressure).

You are invited to join this conference and consider these questions at the annual Life @ Work conference. For more information and sign-up visit their website.