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Enjoying Life as God Intends
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Nourish @ Subi

Last year, we ran a course on the topic of the Armour of God which Ben and Jacqui were a part of. It was very well received, and people were nourished both physically and spiritually. We decided to call it Nourish@Subi.

We will start another Nourish@Subi course, and this time, Pastor Chin and Christiaan, one of our interns, will be teaching on God’s Covenants over five weeks. This will start from Thursday, 25 Feb at 6.30pm and go on for five weeks. Like last time, we will be having a meal together as it was a great time of fellowship. If you’re interested, please contact Pastor Chin for sign-up here. We will limit it to 50 people as we have limited space in the café, so please sign up as soon as you can!