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Enjoying Life as God Intends
Pre-registration 5pm

Pre-registration 5pm Service 13 Feb

Our in-person services are back this weekend! On Saturday 13 Feb at 5pm, we have a modified service running for one hour where the kids also remain in the auditorium due to the current COVID-19 restrictions still in place AND you have to pre-register for this one. Visit to register. With the restrictions being lifted on […]


SubiKIDS Online: 6-7 Feb 2021

The Sermon on the Mount Matthew 5-7 Family Starting Point: What did Jesus teach when He was on earth? Jesus taught people what it means to follow Him. He taught how people should live, how they should treat one another, and how to love God. People who trust in Jesus live to honour God and […]


Bushfire Appeal

Churches of Christ in WA, in partnership with Global Mission Partners, have launched a bushfire appeal for the devastating fire, burning north-east of Perth. Over 80 homes and properties have been destroyed, including properties of some members of the Mundaring Church. Donated funds will be distributed through trusted churches and agencies with the capacity to […]


SubiKIDS Online: 19-20 Dec 2020

Wise Men Visited Jesus Matthew 2 The wise men came to worship Jesus as King, Jesus is the King who will rule forever, as God promised to King David in 2 Samuel 7. Family Discussion Points:  How did the wise men know about Jesus’ birth? (see Matt 2:1-2) How did the wise men show their […]


SubiKIDS Online: 5-6 Dec 2020

Angels Spoke to Mary and Joseph Matthew 1; Luke 1 The angel Gabriel’s announcement to Mary surprised her. By His grace, God chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus. The angel’s message revealed much about this promised child. Family Discussion Points:  How do you think Mary and Joseph felt about their role in God’s […]