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Sermon-based Small Groups

Sermon-based small groups are an excellent way of digging deeper into the weekly sermon and engaging with the Bible and each other.  At Subi Church, resources are provided that coincide with the Bible passage of the weekend sermon so that small group leaders can effectively facilitate sermon-based small groups.  The resources differ each week and will generally be available after the services each weekend.

The Life of Elijah – Faith vs Fickleness

The books of 1-2 Kings describe the period of the monarchy in Israel (970-586BC). They set out to provide an explanation of Israel’s later kingship in terms of the vision outlined in Deuteronomy. This is to encourage the readers so that they can stand firm on their faith in Yhwh who controls both nature and history. While the world becomes more and more hostile to Yhwh, he still stands sovereign over all nations. This is where Elijah comes into the picture. He served Yhwh in the northern kingdom of Israel, where the kings are rebellious and unfaithful. They aroused the anger of Yhwh because of their evilness.

It is into this world that Elijah was called to speak the word of God. As we will see in this series, he does it with faithfulness and courage, but not without his own struggles. His world is not dissimilar to our world today, where the concept of individual autonomy reigns supreme. How can we live in a world like this as followers of Christ? Are we destined to be the minority in our society, despised and rejected by the rest? The life of Elijah will speak and encourage us in our faith, showing us that our God is in control and sovereign over all.

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Title Passage Sermon
1 The Days of Elijah 1 Kings 16:8-34 The Days of Elijah
2 Three Miracles 1 Kings 17:1-24 Three Miracles
3 High Stakes 1 Kings 18:1-15 Living in Uncertain Times
4 Yhwh vs Baal 1 Kings 18:16-39 A Domesticated God
The Contest
5 Despair 1 Kings 19:1-18 Earth, Wind, and Fire

Previous Sermon Series

Revelation – The Unveiling

 Title Passage Sermon
1 Revelation – The Unveiling Revelation 1:1-8 The Unveiling
2 A Vision of the Exalted Christ Revelation 1:9-20 A Vision of Jesus
3 Forsaking Our First Love Revelation 2:1-7 First Love
4 The Call to be Faithful Revelation 2:8-11 Faith and Fear
5 Holding Fast Revelation 2:12-17 Truth or Compromise
6 God’s Holiness and Judgement Revelation 2:18-29 Holiness
7 The Walking Dead Revelation 3:1-6 Smoke and Mirrors
8 The Open Door Revelation 3:7-13 The Open Door
9 Fruitful Followers Revelation 3:14-22 Let’s Pretend
10 The Throne Room of Heaven Revelation 4:1-11 The Throne Room of God
11 The Lamb Who Is Worthy Revelation 5:1-14 Worthy of Worship


Extra Resources
Ezekiel Bible Studies (10 Sessions)
Hebrews Bible Studies (13 Sessions)
Kingdom Call Series Studies (10 Sessions)
Malachi – Reconnecting with God Series Studies (8 Sessions)

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