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Enjoying Life as God Intends

Sermon-based Small Groups

Sermon-based small groups are an excellent way of digging deeper into the weekly sermon and engaging with the Bible and each other.  At Subi Church, resources are provided that coincide with the weekend sermon so that small group leaders can effectively facilitate sermon-based small groups.  The resources differ each week and will generally be available after the services each weekend.

Revelation – The Unveiling

Feature-Jesus RocksRevelation is a book that has confused, thrilled, bedazzled, and mystified many Christians over the centuries. However, far from being mystifying and mysterious, the book of Revelation was preserved for us to encourage, motivate, and ultimately help us to persevere on in our faith in the midst of suffering and persecution. Instead of fogging up our minds about what it means, Revelation was written to clarify and enable Christians to have a peek behind the scenes of what actually is happening in this world.

So, let us approach this book with great anticipation about what God has to say to us. As we read it, it is my prayer that you will find that Revelation is easier to read than you have thought, with a grander vision of God than you could ever imagine, and end up with a faith that is stronger than you thought possible.

Session Title Passage Sermon
1 Revelation – The Unveiling Revelation 1:1-8 The Unveiling
2 A Vision of the Exalted Christ Revelation 1:9-20 A Vision of Jesus
3 Forsaking Our First Love Revelation 2:1-7 First Love
4 The Call to be Faithful Revelation 2:8-11 Faith and Fear
5 Holding Fast Revelation 2:12-17 Truth or Compromise
6 God’s Holiness and Judgement Revelation 2:18-29 Holiness
7 The Walking Dead Revelation 3:1-6 Smoke and Mirrors
8 The Open Door Revelation 3:7-13 The Open Door
8 Fruitful Followers Revelation 3:14-22 Let’s Pretend

Malachi – Reconnecting with God

Session Title Passage Sermon
1 An Introduction Malachi A Burden
2 God’s Covenantal Blessings Malachi 1:1-5 Reconnect With God’s Love
3 Blemished Sacrifice vs Living Sacrifice Malachi 1:6-14 Reconnect With God in Worship
4 The Blessings of God’s Word Malachi 2:1-9 Reconnect With The Teaching of God’s Word
5 God’s Covenant of Marriage Malachi 2:10-16 Reconnect With God’s Covenant of Marriage
6 God’s Holy Justice Malachi 2:17 – 3:5 Reconnect With God’s Holy Justice
7 God’s Blessings Malachi 3:6-12 Reconnect With God’s Blessings
8 The End of the Story Malachi 3:13 – 4:6 The Final Disconnect: How it Ends


Extra Resources
Ezekiel Bible Studies (10 Sessions)
Hebrews Bible Studies (13 Sessions)
Kingdom Call Series Studies (10 Sessions)

If you would like to be part of a sermon-based small group, please fill out our online registration form here.