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Sermon-based Studies

Sermon-based small groups are an excellent way of digging deeper into the weekly sermon and engaging with the Bible and each other.  At Subi Church, resources are provided that coincide with the Bible passage of the weekend sermon so that small group leaders can effectively facilitate sermon-based small groups.  The resources differ each week and will generally be available after the services each weekend.

The Spirit

Subi Church is starting a new series focusing on the Holy Spirit. This topic has been a contentious one over the years. This should have been the one thing that unites Christians, but this has instead caused much division and conflict amongst Christians. One of the reasons is that the topic of the Holy Spirit is a very personal one and often involves our own experiences. Questioning someone’s personal experience feels like an attack on their personhood. However, in order for us to grow and learn as a Church on the issue of the Spirit, we have to let our personal experiences be informed and anchored by God’s Word. So, in the coming weeks, we will be exploring different biblical passages on the Spirit and see what God can teach us about his Spirit through his Word.

One of the commonest mistakes that we can make about the Spirit is that we detach our discussions about him from God the Father and God the Son. In any discussion about any of the persons of the Trinity, we cannot talk about any of them in isolation to the others. While we must distinguish each of their work in our salvation, we cannot separate them. We should not talk about the gifts of the Spirit without talking about Christ who purchased those gifts for us. We should not talk about the power of the Spirit without talking about how this power is meant for us to grow in Christlikeness to the glory of the Father. After all, it is the Father and the Son who sent the Spirit to Christians, to unite us to the Son so that we can enjoy the love of the Father.

So, as we talk and focus on the Spirit in this series, let us not forget the Father and the Son. In our studies, we will focus on different aspects of the work of the Spirit in our Christian lives. As we do that, we will see how each aspect is tightly related to the work of the Father and the Son. God’s Word, inspired by the Spirit, gives us a far richer, deeper, and grander view of the Spirit than we can imagine. Let us pray to God to give us the Spirit of wisdom (Eph 1:17) so that we can grow into a deeper relationship with God the Father through the Son by the power of the Spirit.

(Please click on the study title to download the study)

Title Passage Sermon
1 Walking by the Spirit Galatians 5:13-26 Walking by the Spirit
2 The Spirit’s Help Romans 8:18-27 Tapping into the Power
3 United in Christ by the Spirit Acts 15:1-21 The Gift of the Spirit
4 The Gifts of the Spirit 1 Corinthians 12:1-14 Gifts of the Spirit


Previous Sermon Series

The Life of Elijah – Faith vs Fickleness

Title Passage Sermon
1 The Days of Elijah 1 Kings 16:8-34 The Days of Elijah
2 Three Miracles 1 Kings 17:1-24 Three Miracles
3 High Stakes 1 Kings 18:1-15 Living in Uncertain Times
4 Yhwh vs Baal 1 Kings 18:16-39 A Domesticated God
The Contest
5 Despair 1 Kings 19:1-18 Earth, Wind, and Fire


Extra Resources
Ezekiel Bible Studies (10 Sessions)
Hebrews Bible Studies (13 Sessions)
Kingdom Call Series Studies (10 Sessions)
Malachi – Reconnecting with God Series Studies (8 Sessions)

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