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Sermon-based Studies

Sermon-based small groups are an excellent way of digging deeper into the weekly sermon and engaging with the Bible and each other.  At Subi Church, resources are provided that coincide with the Bible passage of the weekend sermon so that small group leaders can effectively facilitate sermon-based small groups.  The resources differ each week and will generally be available after the services each weekend.

Haggai – Rethink. Rebuild

Subi Church has started a new series on the book of Haggai. In a world where many things are vying for our attention and allegiance, it is vital for the people of God to be constantly reflecting and rebuilding our priorities in life. What makes it hard is that these things are oftentimes good things. However, these good things are not meant to bear the weight of our souls and identity. If we make these things ultimate in our lives, instead of securing us, they destroy us. They will leave us wanting, always desperately searching for more and never content with what we have. In our new series, we will be examining Haggai’s prophecies to the people of God.

Haggai was a post-exilic prophet. This means that the ministry of Haggai occurred after the Israelite’s return from exile in Babylon. Have a look at the timeline below:Bible timeline
Haggai can be located under the “Kingdom Divided” section, after the return from Babylon. The Israelites were sent into exile in the year 586BC when the Babylonians invaded Jerusalem and destroyed the temple. It ended when the Persian king Cyrus issued an edict in 538BC allowing Israelites to return to their land (Ezra 1:2-4).

When they returned, they set out to rebuild the temple that has been destroyed (Ezra 2:8). Nehemiah came back and rebuilt the wall around the city (Neh 1). However, it is clear from Haggai that the rebuilding of the temple stopped after a while. Instead, the Israelites focused on rebuilding their own homes rather than God’s temple. God rebukes them through the prophet Haggai, calling them to “give careful thought to [their] ways” (1:5). There are a total of four prophecies in Haggai and we are given a specific dates to each of them.

This reality of the people of God fixing their eyes on earthly things instead of God himself has not changed. We are still tempted today to fix our eyes primarily upon things of this earth that brings us comfort and pleasure. Let us look at and pay attention to God’s word in Haggai.

(Please click on the study title to download the study)

Title Passage Sermon
1 Putting God First Haggai 1:1-11 Rethink Priorities
2 Rebuilding the Temple Haggai 1:12-15 Rebuild
3 Work Hard Haggai 2:1-9 Four Pillars

Previous Sermon Series – Authentic

Title Passage Sermon
1 Authentic Matthew 4:18 – 5:3 Authentic
2 The Beatitudes Matthew 5:3-12 The Blessings of Authenticity
3 Salt and Light of the World Matthew 5:13-16 Authentic Witness
4 The Law and the Prophets Matthew 5:17-20 Authentic Passion for God’s Word
5 Bloodless Murder Matthew 5:21-26 Bloodless Murder
6 Pure in Heart Matthew 5:27-37 Pure in Heart
7 Loving Our Enemies Matthew 5:38-42 Peacemakers
8 Like Father Like Son Matthew 5:43-48 Be Perfect
9 Authentic Giving Matthew 6:1-4 Authentic Giving


Extra Resources

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