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SubiKIDS Online: 18-19 Apr 2020

The Ethiopian Official Believed

Acts 8:26-40

Help your kids to consider the role of the Holy Spirit in this interaction between Philip and the Ethiopian official. Who was responsible for Philip’s going to the desert? Who helped Philip explain the Scriptures? Who changed the heart of the official so he would believe?

The Ethiopian official knew what the Old Testament prophets had said, but he did not understand that the prophets spoke about Jesus. The Holy Spirit led Philip to help the official understand the good news about Jesus: Jesus died on the cross for our sins and was raised from the dead, just like the Old Testament prophets said.

In our mission of making disciples, believers must be willing instruments to be used in the hands of the Lord. Philip didn’t go into the desert today with a strategy for converting another man; the Holy Spirit led Philip, and he obeyed. As believers, we can be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and willing to follow His lead. He will go with us.

Family Discussion Points: 

  • What does the Holy Spirit do?  The Holy Spirit helps Christians follow Jesus
  • The Holy Spirit told Philip to tell the Ethiopian man about Jesus
  • The Holy Spirit helps people believe the good news

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