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The Parenting Conference

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Guest Speaker: Dr Bruce Robinson

Keynote 1: Three Vital Secrets of Successful Christian Parenting
Keynote 2: How to Make Christianity Attractive to Children Rather Than Irrelevant or Repulsive



Navigating the Teenage Years (Friday 25th August)

The teenage years can be a quite challenge for parents. The teenager is no longer a child anymore. They are going through a period of intense growth, physically, emotionally and intellectually. They are finding their own identity apart from their parents. Many will also go through a period of questioning their faith. How can we navigate through these teenage years? How can our parenting change to adapt to our teenagers?

Jeremy and Gillian Dixon
TPCspeaker-DixonJeremy and Gillian have been married 30 years and have lived in Perth most of this time. They have 5 beautiful children and 1 brand new granddaughter. Gillian has been involved in pastoral ministry for nearly thirty years and is currently Dean of Students and Chaplain at Perth Bible College. Jeremy has a background in Christian Ministry and currently works as a building designer. He also likes to play guitar.

Parenting in a Technological Age

Technology has changed parenting. Children nowadays have access to the internet and social media via laptops, smartphones or tablets. They depend on it for their education, social interactions and entertainment. Porn is also easily accessible through the internet. How should parents view technology in the life of their children? How can we find the right balance between too much freedom or being too restrictive on their use of technology? What are some practical ways that we can teach and protect our children from the dark side of technology?

Steve McKerney
TPCspeaker-McKerneySteve grew up in Adelaide and moved to Sydney at 22. He became a Christian at 23 after reading Luke’s gospel, and has sought to explain the truth about Jesus to people ever since. After Bible College, Steve worked as a Youth Pastor in a large church among the young adults and youth before moving to Perth to work with Murdoch Christian Union in 2002. Steve is married to Melinda and they have 4 sons. He really enjoys a Thai Green Curry, soccer, movies, music, photography, technology and fonts. (Taken from AFES website)

The Heart of the Matter is the Matter of the Heart

All too often in our parenting, we focus on the outward behaviour of our children. We expect and discipline them in how to behave outwardly and unwittingly neglect shepherding their hearts. When that happens, problems lay unresolved at their roots. Because of that, the same issues repeatedly reappear in the lives of our children. In this session, Tracey will help us to get to the heart of the matter, which is the matter of the heart. Once we deal with the matter of the heart, our children will be better equipped to face the challenges of life.

Tracey Johnston
TPCspeaker-JohnstonTracey serves as the Connect Ministry director at Subi Church, passionately welcoming and integrating people into Subi Church. She is also involved in MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) and the God-Empowered Wife course, supporting and helping women in their role as mothers and wives. She has two children. Her son Carson is studying at Bible college and looking to go into full time ministry work. Her daughter Paige recently became a mother.

Cross Cultural Parenting

Many parents immigrate to Perth from another country in search for a better future for their children. However, they soon face the issue of a cultural divide between themselves and their children. The parenting styles and the culture they grew up with in their own country is starkly different from the culture here in Australia. As Christians parents then, how can we apply biblical principles and navigate through these challenges? What are the distinguishing marks of Australian culture as compared to our culture back in our home countries? How can we deal with the differences in a godly way and raise our children relevantly?

Tony and Jessie Yap
TPCspeaker-YapOriginally from Singapore, Tony and Jessie have lived in Australia for about 30 years. Tony teaches in a private Christian college while Jessie is a piano teacher and homemaker. They have three adult children who love the Lord and are actively serving in the worship ministry. Their two older children were six and four years old when they immigrated to Australia, while their youngest daughter was born in Perth. All three were educated in schools and universities here and are now working adults.

Family Devotions

Many Christian families struggle in the area of family devotions. As parents, we know that we have the responsibility in teaching God’s Word to our children, but somehow, we struggle in doing it. Like evangelism, part of the reason for our struggle in this area is that we have not seen it modelled well in our own lives. The unintended result of that is that Christian parents leave the spiritual welfare of their children to Sunday schools or youth groups on the weekends. However, the biblical pattern is for the home to be the primary spiritual modelling and teaching of God’s Word. This seminar will equip you to begin doing that.

Ron Nugent
Ron was a student at University of Western Australia and the Bible College of South Australia. He was also a teacher in East Malaysia for several years and a Presbyterian minister in WA for 30 years. He is now retired but still preaches most Sundays. He has been associated with Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF) for 40 years and is a former State Advisor for them. He is married to Mina (from Sarawak) and they have three adult children and six grandchildren.