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Poverty is complex. When simply surviving is a daily struggle, there’s no room for the unexpected. There’s no room for a pandemic. There’s no room for COVID-19.

Yet right now, COVID-19 is threatening to further devastate children living in poverty. Families have no safety net. Income is lost. Food is scarce. Basic hygiene is a luxury. Fear is magnified. Hope is missing. ­­

This is the current reality for so many children registered with Compassion. This is the current reality for their families and communities. But we won’t let COVID-19 win.

This global pandemic requires a global response. Subi Church is already part of a global community united by Jesus—millions of supporters, pastors, churches, staff and volunteers caring for vulnerable children. Now we can be part of the global response to provide these children with stability through hygiene, food and housing security.

How you can help

When you direct your giving to Compassion’s Disaster Relief Fund, Subi Church will match your gift with a dollar for a dollar, until we have reached our goal of raising $50,000 ($25.000 in offering by our congregation matched by $25,000 by Subi Church). This will help provide immediate aid to Compassion assisted children and their families. The funds will be directed to meeting the most critical situations worldwide, focusing on health and stability with food, shelter and basic hygiene.

Visit and donate today.

Here are examples of what your giving can do:

  • $15 can help provide a child with a two-week food package of essentials like rice, eggs, meat, milk and corn.
  • $60 can help supply an entire household with a two-week food package of essentials like rice, eggs, meat, milk and corn.
  • $140 can help keep a family in their home by assisting with rent for one month during their economic hardship caused by COVID-19.

How donations will be used

All donations to the Compassion Overseas Aid and Development Fund of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia. Funds will go towards the Disaster Relief Fund and will be delivered through local churches around the world to meet the most critical needs of Compassion, their families and communities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.